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6 Steps For A Child-Proof Home

The joy of watching a baby grow from rolling over to crawling, walking, and running is a parent’s delight! For some babies, the transition from crawling to walking is fast and easy. For others, it takes more effort, giving them even more time to explore items that lie beneath base boards and in closets. In either case, your baby will be moving fast and furious seeking to explore everywhere his little body is able to navigate.

Don’t be surprised when your mobile toddler finds mischief. Saying, "No" or "Don't touch" probably won’t mean very much to your determined explorer. He may not understand what you are saying, or know what “Danger” means. However, he will recognize a different tone and know that something is not the same as usual. If you stop the behavior, it may be only a short while later that he does it again. His short memory will only recall your warning for a few short minutes.

Whether your child is in childcare, daycare or preschool, at this young age training is important, not punishing. The best way to train effectively is by making your home “child-proof,” creating an environment that allows room for safe exploration when your child is home

Here are 6 steps to help you “Child-Proof” your home and create an exploration zone that’s safe and healthy:

•   Remove all dangerous objects and valued treasures out of your child’s reach.

•   Cover electrical outlets that are not being used with plastic inserts (you can purchase these from your local hardware store).

•   Keep vitamins and medicines in child-proof containers on a very high shelf.

•   Remove all household cleaning fluids, such as window cleaner, furniture polish, and ammonia from beneath the sink. Place them in a safe place that is well out of your child’s reach.

•   Find ways to leave the room and make sure the path is clear so there is no way for your child to leave the room without supervision.

•   Take a look outside and use the same precautions. Your child is mobile now and the outdoor area is very attractive to a new explorer.

Once the yard and house are "child-proof," provide plenty of safe objects to help your child feel free to move around, learn, and enjoy. Pots and pans are great household items for a toddler’s entertainment. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to leave a lower cabinet stocked with child-friendly items because for him, playing is learning. Your baby is highly curious and wants to learn about the things around him. Make your home a growing knowledge factory that’s fun and child proof. This direct experience will provide the basis for your child’s intellectual creativity, curiosity, and language development in the future.

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