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Fall Activities For The Fall

With cooler weather in the near future, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the great outdoors! Being outside provides the perfect environment for young children to run, play, and get some exercise. You can make a fun day of outdoor activities with your young child—the key is being prepared and keeping it simple.

Check out these ideas for enjoying a successful picnic or an outdoor day as a family with young children.

Pack easy, favorite snacks. Nothing can bring down a great family occasion like a hungry child who doesn’t want to eat anything that’s been provided. Before going out, give each child the option to choose one snack they would like to take to the picnic. Remind them of their decision if they choose to get upset when offered their snack at the picnic.

Plan to play. Stay active as a family by packing a simple recreational toy or game that the whole family can enjoy like a football or Frisbee. If there is a playground at the picnic location don’t be afraid to jump in and play with your child. Quality time is irreplaceable and formative for young children.

Unplug to recharge. Don’t miss out on some awesome memories with your child by being distracted on your phone. Leave the phone in your car in case of an emergency and give your undivided attention to your family. There is nothing wrong with staying connected to the world around you unless you begin to lose sight of the people who are most important in your world. Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy!

Invite friends. Sometimes the best family time is to bring along a friend or two, to bond the group and keep it new. Calling up a friend you haven’t heard from in a while is a good way to reconnect everyone in your life. That’s what the new season is for!



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