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Your preschooler never looked cuter than in that oversized cap and gown walking across the school stage to get his graduation certificate. Smiles, cheers and applause filled the room. But now you’re left with thoughts of your child’s readiness for the future. Maybe you’re wondering if he’s sufficiently prepared for kindergarten. Maybe you’re nervous about the transition from one classroom to another, or a new, unfamiliar teacher. As you consider your child’s educational experience, use the following checklist to make sure your child is prepared to step out of the preschool classroom and enter kindergarten equipped for success!


Top 10 Things Your Child Should Know Graduating from Preschool:

1.                  Be able to write first and last name.

2.                  Know all the letters in their first name.

3.                  Count to 30.

4.                  Identify basic geometric shapes, like circle, square, triangle, star, heart, etc.

5.                  Identify basic colors.

6.                  Identify numerals 1-10 in random order.

7.                  Be able to rhyme words.

8.                  Retell simple stories.

9.                  Identify upper and lower case letters in the alphabet.

10.              Use finger to accurately touch and count items to ten.


Top 10 Things Your Child Should Be Able To Do Graduating from Preschool:

1.                  Sit still listening to a story for 5-10 minutes.

2.                  Clean up after themselves (especially after meals).

3.                  Use the restroom by themselves without being reminded to wash hands.

4.                  Adjust own clothing before and after using the restroom.

5.                  Share toys with other children.

6.                  Refrain from crying when separated from parent at drop off.

7.                  Listen to and follow 2-3 step directions.

8.                  Solve conflicts with other children without aggression.

9.                  Take off and put on a sweater or jacket by themselves.

10.              Answer simple questions about themselves when asked.


As a parent, you can help your child succeed in the next grade level by being intentional with their learning progress and development. If you went through this checklist and noticed that your child doesn’t know his shapes, for example, assist your child in this learning endeavor by pointing out shapes of different objects as you drive to and from his preschool or childcare center. Play I-Spy during car rides to identify colors and shapes and give your child a vocabulary for the things he sees out the window. If your child struggles with numbers or letters, spend time reading with your child, especially books that feature the alphabet and numbers. Daily exposure solidifies the learning process and makes information stick! As your child masters a new skill, be sure to praise him! Even if your child makes mistakes and learns more slowly than you’d like, refrain from criticism. Criticism can discourage children from trying new things and may lower self confidence.


At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, we will do everything within our power to make sure your preschooler enters kindergarten well-prepared and eager to continue learning! At every stage of your child’s learning journey, Kids ‘R’ Kids develops new and challenging ways to open his mind and expand his imagination. We offer curriculum that incorporates science, technology, engineering, math and art. We build our education on the foundation of love and trust so that every student feels loved and encouraged by our teachers, staff and peers. Visit any of our Houston area locations to learn more about Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. 

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