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How To Help Others This Holiday Season

How do you spend your holidays? Some families travel, while some stay indoors and sip coffee by the fire. (Mm, that last one sounds heavenly.)

Some parents shop for long hours for their child’s favorite toy or game, waiting in long lines and spending countless hours browsing online. Some love to wear fun holiday clothes, attend parties, and watch the beautiful lights that adorn many neighborhoods and streets. When it’s time to eat, most families enjoy the meal they have chosen with the people they love.

For some families, though, the holidays aren’t so bright and cheery. Some families don’t have the financial means or resources to fully enjoy this time of year. Some families are reminded of lost loved ones that used to sit around the dinner table. Have you ever experienced a sad holiday? Some families have, and a little help from our neighbors or those in our communities can make a huge difference in the quality of these days, making this year just a bit brighter.

Here are some ways your family can help others during the holidays: 

  • Think about someone you know who has lost their job and may be on a strict budget. Invite them to join your family for dinner. 
  • If you know an elderly person, consider visiting, and taking food and a gift. 
  • If you know anyone in the hospital, take your family to visit and share a gift. 
  • When you purchase food for your meals, buy extra food and donate it to a food pantry. 
  • Check with your local non-profit or church and see if they have a list of people in need. 
  • Adopt a family with an infant, toddler, or preschool child, and purchase toys and gifts for their children. 
  • Give a gift to someone who would least expect it.
  • If your child has a friend who seems to need help, contact the school and ask the staff if you can assist this family during the holidays. 
  • Bake cookies and pass them out to a small group.
  • If you have any gently used winter clothes (or you can purchase new items), find a shelter to donate the items. 
  • Look for volunteer opportunities to feed the homeless.
  • Purchase blankets and donate them to a shelter. 

There are many additional ways you can help others during the holidays. People in your close circles may never ask for help, but would welcome a kind offering of assistance for the holidays. If your child attends daycare, childcare, or preschool, the staff should know the parents and be able to assist you with finding families that need assistance.

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