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Helping Your Family Keep New Year’s Resolutions

The arrival of a new year brings new hope for change and success. Every year many note pads are used to write down goals like saving more money, losing weight, learning more, etc. The opportunity that a new year brings is an annual event that creates a great starting point for new goals. Creating simple New Year’s resolutions is fun and easy. Keeping them takes a totally different skill. With a few modifications along the way you can help your family keep your New Year’s resolutions and create a meaningful experience that even a child will enjoy. 


Here are some easy and creative ideas to help your family keep their New Year’s resolutions:


Get your children involved. When setting goals with your child, allow him to decide on his own goals. It can be a sports goal, trying to conquer a new game level, or learning how to do something new. You can gently assist, but allow your child to make the decision. Try not to be too serious. Pursuing a new goal teaches important life-skills including focus, determination, and persistence. Your children will also learn reasoning skills as they evaluate their plan, change the goals, and keep trying. Make the learning process more important than doing everything right.


Keep it fun and simple. A New Year’s resolution is a starting point for change that can take much longer to complete. Set attainable and measurable goals. Evaluate your goals regularly and make adjustments when needed. When a goal is not met, remove the obstacles, make adjustments and try again. If you give yourself time and refuse to quit then the likelihood of accomplishing the goal increases exponentially. 


Set learning goals. When your child learns a new concept such as a playing a musical instrument or participating in a sport ask for a demonstration at home. Help your child decide on goals to take the learning to a new level. Be sure to ask your child what he would like to learn and help make the learning fun. This goal does not have an end date, so every activity is a success!


Pursue your family goals together. Think about goals for the entire family. Would you like to eat more meals together? Spend more quality time together? Get healthy together? Whatever you decide, think of simple steps, monitor your progress, and encourage each other along the way.



Accomplishing your New Year’s Resolutions should be fun for the entire family. Write down your plan, and place it in a visible area of your home. Remember, your goal is not a law that can’t be changed. It’s a goal that will require patience, adjustments, and time.


For more excellent ideas on creative ways to teach life skills to your child and enjoy learning, contact Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. With programs during the day and after school, your child will enjoy goals that are fun and achievable.


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