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Keeping Your Child Safe on the Playground

Parents and teachers can feel the excitement in the air as spring settles in and summer approaches. For school aged children the anticipation of the school year ending brings energy and smiles. For preschoolers, the activities of summer camps, fun on the playground, and family vacation creates great expectations and plenty of energy.

With all of the fun and anticipation, it’s important for parents to remember the safety rules as their toddler or preschooler enjoys the great outdoors, parks, and playgrounds. Every year over 200,000 children are injured on playgrounds in the United States. With all of the injuries considered, there are 4 primary critical issues surrounding playground safety.

Take a look at these S.A.F.E. Factors from the National Program for Playground Safety.

1.      Supervision - Always provide proper supervision when your child is on a playground. If you have to step away, take your child with you. Avoid talking on the phone, or reading while your young child is playing. It only takes a moment for a small child to be harmed or injured on a playground.

2.      Age-Appropriate – Make sure your child is playing on an age-appropriate playground. Children love to have fun and take chances on new adventures. Watch carefully to make sure the playground equipment is appropriate for your child’s age and physical ability.

3.      Fall Surfacing – Make sure the playground has appropriate surfacing under and around the playground. Make sure you child is wearing adequate shoes for playing, jumping, and running on the playground surface.

4.      Equipment – Make sure the playground has safe equipment. Your playground equipment should be well kept and clean. Avoid playing on equipment with defects or broken pieces.

When your child enjoys a playground in a park or at a preschool, check to make sure the playground is age-appropriate and also be sure to follow the S.A.F.E. Factors. Playgrounds can be great fun for children especially in the company of other children. For more ideas on playground safety, check with Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. They have age-appropriate playgrounds and adhere to high safety standards.

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