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Making Playtime Fun for Parents Too!

Your family is hard to keep up with. We get that. Between work and its demands, after school activities and dinner on the table by 7:00 p.m., it can be a nightmare trying to get everything done. That’s why there’s an app for that.

Cozi. This app is a miracle worker for busy families trying to navigate life. In addition to a calendar, chores, and shopping lists, it contains a family journal that captures and shares pictures with family. It’s like Google Calendar, Apple Notes, and Instagram all rolled into one.

Jelly. This is a super fun app for asking questions, especially if they’re too specific or subjective for Google. Built by a co-founder of Twitter, Jelly takes your questions and sends them anonymously to a huge network of people to answer. Say you want to know if you should buy a pet hamster for the family, or what camera would be best for your needs, or when you should start teaching your children a second language, Jelly is the perfect place to ask.

Workflow. Does it seem like you have eight thousand things you need to do each day that you wish you could do in one tap? Well, there’s an app for that. It’s called Workflow, and you can set up your own customizable workflows depending on what you need done automatically. Say you want to take a picture of your toddler biting into a giant watermelon: set up the workflow app so that once you take a picture, it shares instantly on social media, then sets a reminder to give your child a bath, then sends a text to your husband to say that he needs to do dinner for the family tonight. Voila. 

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we know life can get really crazy between baseball practice, science projects, and working a full-time job, but we hope that these apps might make life a little easier. Being technologically savvy is important for adults and children, so all of our classrooms emphasize technology and how to use it in a competitive world. Although making life easier is often impossible—being a parent is difficult—maybe you’ll find these apps to be just plain fun instead.


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