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Solutions for Managing Your Child’s use of Electronics

Electronics are a part of everyday life for young children. If you place an electronic device in the hands of a preschool child, it usually doesn’t take long for the child to learn to maneuver through the controls to use the device. Even a toddler can enjoy an electronic device for learning and fun. For parents, electronics can create a welcomed opportunity to learn and play; however, they can also become a distraction that needs to be supervised and limited.


Here are some great solutions to help manage your child’s use of electronics:


1.      Pay attention. Make sure you know what your child is watching and playing.

2.      Participate. Instead of simply allowing your child to enjoy electronic devices, spend some time sitting with your child and participating in their games. Ask questions like, “Which character is your favorite?” and “Why?”

3.      Make sure the content is age appropriate. For learning tools and games, the need to be age appropriate is very important. Help your child get the most out of the experience by making sure the game or learning tool is suitable for your child’s emotional and intellectual needs and maturity level.

4.      Monitor the screen time. Avoid allowing your child to spend too much time in front of a computer. Studies show that face-to-face interactions can have greater benefits for children.

5.      Create a balance. While the use of electronics can be useful, there is a need to help your child create a balance between sitting and using an electronic device and being physically active.


With all of the great uses for electronics, there is still a need to exercise precautions at home, in a daycare, preschool, or any childcare situation. For more solutions for managing electronics with your child, talk to the experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. They use computers and other electronic sources for fun and educational experiences in a balanced and effective manner.


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