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Before the weather gets unbearably hot (as we know it will in the TX summer) get outside with your toddler or preschooler and go on a fun family picnic! While the idea of having small children in wide open spaces may sound too exhausting, you can eliminate some of the stress with good planning. Anytime you leave the house with your kiddos, a great rule of thumb is to keep the outing as simple as possible. Cramming too many activities into one afternoon can lead to grumpy children and an exhausted mom.

1. Location, Location, Location – When deciding where to picnic start by doing it at a familiar place. You could even start in your own backyard or at a friend’s house. Being familiar with your surroundings will give you peace of mind to be able to enjoy yourself. Once your kids are older or whenever you are more comfortable, venture out to a local park or zoo for your picnic festivities.

2. Bring a Friend – Children almost always do better when they have friends to play with. Even introverted children appreciate the company of another child to play with outside. Being outside is the perfect place to spark imagination so having a friend explore with your child makes it even more fun! Plus, having another adult to watch the kiddos means you will have a chance to talk to a grown-up and have another set of eyes looking out for your child as you look after theirs.


3. Pack Favorite Snacks - Nothing can bring down a great family occasion like a hungry child who doesn’t want to eat anything that’s being provided. Before going out, give each child the option to choose one snack they would like to take to the picnic. Remind them of their decision if they get angry when offered their snack at the picnic.


4. Unplug to recharge – Don’t miss out on some awesome memories with your child by being distracted on your phone. Even though it’s tempting to want to capture every special memory on your phone, your undivided attention will make your child light up and leave them feeling more loved and cherished than that adorable selfie. There is no harm in taking photos on your phone but a little unplugging may be just what you need to enjoy your favorite little people on a beautiful day!


Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies understands the importance of giving children a chance to get outdoors. That’s why our facilities come equipped with an outdoor playground space separated by age groups so children can play safely together. Some of our locations even have a fun outdoor splash park to combat the Texas summer heat! Find the location nearest you and contact Kids ‘R’ Kids for a free tour today!

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