Swimming Pool Games
Swimming Pool Games
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Recommended Age:  4-99
Level of Difficulty:  EASY
Cost: Free
Time:  15 Minutes Or As Long As You Want

Boogie Boards
Round Innertube Float


Homemade Whirlpool
You will need at least 3 players, or more, depending on the size of the pool.  Have everybody line up along the wall of the pool and start moving in the same direction around the edge.  Start by walking, then jogging, then running.  After about 10 minutes, take turns being carried around the pool.  Swimmers can also try swimming in the opposite direction to see how strong the current is.

Boogie Board Races
With two boogie boards or innertubes and two ropes, teams can race against each other from one end of hte pool to the other.  One player pulls the boogie board and the other rides on the boogie board.  When they reach the end, they switch positions and swim back.  The team who gets all players down and back first wins.

One player is the designated "GATOR" and starts on one side of the pool.  All other players start out of the pool on the opposite side of the gator.  When the gator says go, players jump in the pool and try to get to the other side with out being tagged by the gator.  Those players that are tagged become gators themselves and tag the remaining players in the next rounds.  The last person to be tagged is the next gator.

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